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About Us

Welcome to Serabeena, where a passion for creativity meets the magic of play. We believe that childhood is a time of wonder, exploration, and boundless imagination. As a second-generation toy maker, we take pride in creating products that foster creativity and imagination.

Started in 2000 by toy industry veteran Jan Bitcon, Serabeena is a family-owned company with retail roots dating back to the 1900's when great-grandfather George Bitcon owned a general store in Tallygaroopna, Australia.

Our Philosophy: Open-Ended Play

Our toys are designed to inspire open-ended play that goes beyond entertainment, laying the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity and discovery. Open-ended play empowers children to shape their own adventures, make discoveries, and develop essential skills in the process. Carefully crafted to encourage exploration and imaginative thinking, our toys provide children with the freedom to create and imagine.

We understand that every child is unique, and our diverse range of products reflects this, offering a variety of educational experiences that cater to different interests and learning styles. Serabeena toys incorporate vibrant colors, engaging designs, and age-appropriate challenges to stimulate young minds.

Toy Awards

Our dedication to creating exceptional toys has not gone unnoticed. Serabeena proudly holds multiple toy industry awards in recognition of our innovation and commitment to quality in the toy industry. These accolades inspire us to continually raise the bar, ensuring that every Serabeena product is a testament to the highest standards of excellence.

Quality and Safety

All Serabeena products exceed global toy safety standards including ASTM and CPSIA and are regularly tested by 3rd party laboratories.

Total Contentment Guarantee

Serabeena offers a total contentment guarantee. Meaning every kid using a Serabeena toy should be 100% happy, which is backed up by a satisfaction guarantee. If something’s not right, simply reach out.