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Ethically Made Toys - ICTI Ethical Supply Chain Program

A recent news report about a note written by a factory worker has again brought international attention to the issue of working conditions in the factories that manufacture the products found on our shelves. The handwritten note found in a purse bought at a Walmart describes long working hours, poor working conditions and even abuse. 

In order to have an ethical supply chain program, transparency and accountability are paramount. The International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) is committed to social compliance and ensuring that factory workers are treated properly - that means safe working conditions, workers rights and fair treatment. 

Serabeena is proud to be a member of ICTI CARE’s Committed Brands PLUS Program. ICTI and its members are committed to the promotion of toy safety standards and to the advancement of social responsibility in the industry: environmental concerns, fair and lawful employment practices and workplace safety.